NextAR Augmented Reality Experience,
whether that’s Web Browser or Mobile App
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Augmented Reality


Create Unique Experiences

Publish 3D and Augmented Reality content with NextAR whether that's in mobile app, on all platforms, on any website.

Web based AR - WebAR

WebAR provides a smooth and fast user experience.
Augmented Reality that can be accessed directly from a mobile browser.

It is compatible with your existing Website 

Free NextAR Digital Platform

NextAR is a custom Augmented Reality Platform and App that provides AR experience to your customers no developing a new App.
Free download for iOS and Android.

The end-to-end Augmented Reality solutions with 3D experience

Transform how your customers engage your products.

NextAR's 3D Augmented Reality Digital Platform, that is offered on app or in web, is compatible with all major browsers on all platforms.

Virtual Store - Virtual Showroom

Showcase your products or services with safe&social distancing. Accessed safely which remains open 24/7 globally, whether in the mobile app or on NextAR App. 

Shop Virtual store with products to purchase

Sales Opportunity Interactive product showroom

Brand storytelling Active customer engagement

and more...

Videos - Holograms

Volumetric videos of real people (often called Holograms) including videos of speakers, celebrities and models can also be published via NextAR WebAR to sell, inform and entertain your brand and products.

How It Works?

It’s easy to bring your products into the 3D world

1. Step

Send us your products or 2D products images of your products

Send us your product images from different angles and sizes -with images from the front, sides, inside, up close, and back to your items-

2. Step

We create your 3D model

NextAR's professional team create 3D model of your products.

3. Step

We publish your 3D model

We simply Publish the your product's AR experience across all the platforms - iOS, Android and Web with NextAR Augmented Reality Platform and introduce you to the AR world.


  • 500 Views per Month
  • AR Experience 10
  • AR Experience Hosting/Storage (up to 5GB)
  • Email Support

  • 1000 Views per Month
  • AR Experience 20
  • AR Experience Hosting/Storage (up to 10GB)
  • Email Support

  • 1500 Views per Month
  • AR Experience 50
  • AR Experience Hosting/Storage (up to 30GB)
  • Email Support

With NextAR, Let's start to create a cool project to for you! Everything you need to get started.