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Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality for Retail

Turn your retail environment to an interactive experience

Create incredible shopping experiences to increase engagement, reduce returns, and drive more sales.
Fully scalable, also provides a compatibility with leading eCommerce platforms.

Enable your customers with a Try-Before-You-Buy experience, enabling them to evaluate the product’s design and dimensions in their space. Interaction with the product through Augmented Reality frequently results in much lower return rates.

Augmented Reality (AR) offers a 'Try Before You Buy' Experience

Visualizing Furnitures in the Home

e‑Commerce is fast becoming a force to reckon within furnishings; Statista projects that by 2021, 27% of total revenue will come from online sales. And today — no matter where they ultimately purchase — over 90% of your customers start their journey by online. But larger, more expensive products naturally pose a bigger risk for online customers. That’s what makes 3D Visualization such a "must have" for furniture and home decor.

Augmented Reality for Events, Meetings and Conferences

Make your investment in conferences, meetings and events work better with AR.

Conferences, meetings, events, trade fairs, and experiences are some of the biggest items in any marketing budget. Through the addition of augmented reality, it can be had deeper engagement, social sharing and more data and more leads.

Augmented Reality in Education

Learning by Doing Encourages

AR, VR and MR technologies are a very important teaching and learning tool in both in shcools and universities. It provides by entertaining, interactive learning experiences with lesson plans and augmented reality (AR) enhanced books or design, animation in secondary education with its interactive education options.

Augmented Reality in Food & Beverage Industry

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